Bun in the Oven!

What an amazing couple of months! Yes, I've got a bun in the oven, a baby girl to be exact! Nic and I are thrilled to become parents. Little Girl Dromard is due May 12. I know she will come out singing and dancing just like her mom and dad. A gift for the New Year! Happy 2018!

New Year, New Me.

January 2017

Our 3 Week Epic Adventure! Its not over yet! MAY, June, July, August and September!

Our epic vacation to London, Paris, Copenhagen, Norway, Venice, Amalfi coast and Napoli was an adventure to remember! We had an absolute blast creating our very own show for Disney's Cruise line's "MAGIC" and we look forward to many more in the future! 

An Incredible Summer

November 2016

April, May and June 2017

We are safe and sound at home anxiously awaiting our new adventures. I am soon off to play my favorite role of Anita in WEST SIDE STORY at the Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma in Oklahoma City, July 25-29! 

Both my husband and I cannot wait to be back in our second home, Sonoma! We will be performing in Transcendence Theatre Company's Gala Celebration September 8-10. We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to perform together. Its a dream come true every single time! 

Desirée Davar

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It's been over a year...

Happy New Year everyone! Lets kick 2017 in the butt! 

I am extremely excited to jump into the world of Voiceover. In early December I recorded my Voiceover demo with help from the most amazing coach, Marla Kirban. 

Here it is, hope you enjoy!

It feels like it’s been 75 years since I last updated my website. Since then I’ve given birth to an amazing child. Zélia is now 10 months old and is crawling everywhere. Nick and I are currently in a show together, which is magical. We are so lucky to have this wonderful opportunity. We run one more weekend so I don’t miss it. The link is on my homepage. Then in July I’m off to Pittsburgh to reprise the role Tiger Lily in Peter Pan, link on homepage. The finally in August/September we are going back to Sonoma to perform in The Gala Celebration with Transcendence Co!
Nic and I are looking forward to this summer with our awesome little girl; traveling, going to the beach, the zoo, the aquarium and just being together! We are so excited to see what the future holds as a family! 

This was truly the best summer ever! I played the role of crazy Erma in Anything Goes, I sang at a gala honoring one of my favorite living legends, Chita Rivera, and filmed my first commercial, for Coffeemate! But perhaps the best event this summer was marrying my Superman, Nicolas. We are definitely Superheroes in Love. 

​Back from our lovely honeymoon and back to auditions. I am excited to say that in December I will be recording a voiceover demo! On to next new and exciting adventures!

It's going to be an exciting Spring and Summer! I'm off to The Ordway in St. Paul Minnesota to play Anita in West Side Story! My absolute favorite role, of course. The production runs April 4-16!

Then my husband Nic and I are lucky enough to perform our own 2 person show on the Disney Cruise line "Magic" Mainstage the first week of June! We are ecstatic, because we not only love performing together but we absolutely love Disney! It truly is a dream come true!